414th Joint Fighter Group

"Phantom Eagles"

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Welcome to the 414th Joint Fighter Group, formally established on April 7th, 2018! We are a casual virtual airwing based around DCS World that provides training for newer or inexperienced pilots and a place to call home for those looking to be part of a multiplayer squadron. The 414th is primarily oriented towards PvE combat, with an occasional mix of joint operations and squadron versus squadron (PvP) battles with other wings or squadrons in DCS World.

The airwing currently houses 2 squadrons:

  • 414th "Phantom Eagles"
  • VMFA-173 "Purple Swords"

The 414th "Phantom Eagles" are our main squadron. We mainly fly the F-16C Viper and F/A-18C Hornet, but we'll be transitioning to the F-15E when it's released. However, we welcome all airframes and do not restrict our members from flying their airframe of choice.

VMFA-173 "Purple Swords" is our resident aggressor squadron. Their main focus is flying the F-5E and F/A-18C, although getting shot down by a 173rd Su-33 or C-101 is not uncommon.

Each squadron has their own requirements and recruitment process which will be covered on the next slides.

Joining the 414th "Phantom Eagles"

There are no time commitments that we enforce. All pilots are welcome here, no matter your timezone or skill. There are no qualifications required to fly with us, however, if you are interested in being part of the group and partaking in the 414th's operations, then you will have to fullfill the requirements below:

  • Fly at least 3 sorties with a Flight Lead, or participate in one of our 414th rallies we do from time to time where we perform a show of force on a designated multiplayer server
  • Basic airmanship of aircraft and basic knowledge of DCS World mechanics
  • Don't be a dick

For those that display interest in joining our ranks, a @Trainee role will be granted and we will develop you further so that you too will be one of us!

The [414th] tag designates you as an active member of the 414th Joint Fighter Group. Be mindful of your conduct in the multiplayer server as any negative actions such as team-killing, griefing, and verbal abuse are high visibility offenses to any server admins. As such, server admins are likely to reach out and inform the staff. First time offenses are followed by a warning. Follow on and major offenses are treated on a case-by-case basis and will likely result in the revocation of your wings and ban from future 414th events.

Overall, we seek to have fun with others. be cool, and you'll have fun as well!

Any questions may be directed to a @[414th] member, a @Flight Instructor or the staff @[414th] Flight Lead or @Wing Lead on Discord.

Joining VMFA-173rd "Purple Swords"

Applications for VMFA-173 are currently closed.

Any questions may be directed to a @VMFA 173 member or the staff @[VMFA-173] Flight Lead

[400] DFA "Selfie"
[401] SugarBear125 "Fog"
[402] X3ntr "Cerberus"
[404] Banana "PJ"
[405] Kray "Bunny"
[403] General Goods "Mute"
[406] Jedi Hyitz "Capt. Ahab"
[407] Squish "Dash"
[408] Trenton "Crunch"
[409] Chronic "Crash"
[410] Thumper 68 "Pops OG"
[411] Stix "Robot"
[412] Turtle "Puppy"
[413] Emperor "Royal"
[417] FrostOT1S "Pony"
[418] Tragic "Juice"
[419] Skripzy "Shrimp"
[420] Wallaby "Roo"
[421] Loydman "Fudd"
[422] Phang
[Reserves] Gootur "Lips"
[Reserves] Leostixx "Twig"

The 414th welcomes pilots of any skill level or origin. Join our Discord and say hello!